My name is Geoffrey Liu and I live in a quiet suburb south of Seattle. I’ve lived in Washington for about 9 years now, but I’d rather move back to Minnesota. The weather here is absolutely disgusting most of the time, but I guess I’m getting used to it.

I have been blogging for three-plus years, and programming for about five-plus. My first immersion into the world of programming was on my TI-83+ calculator, of all things. I taught myself the TI-BASIC language from the thick instruction manual that came with my calculator. Eventually, I was making all sorts of quirky apps such as a pseudo-shooter game and a cheeky program that regurgitated “42” as the answer to all your problems. Today, I mostly program in Java, although I’ve tried my hand at C++ a couple of times, unsuccessfully.

I am currently an undergraduate student at the University of Washington, pursuing a double degree in Music Performance and Computer Science. I am currently not employed, but I am very interested in a job position at a tech company or store, or a research lab.

Besides computers and technology, my other interests include reading magazines, collecting posters, playing piano and violin, star-gazing, photography, and trying out new and unique food places.

“The Facts”

This section is relatively old… I’ll update it soon!

  • Favorite food: Pizza, burgers (especially Five Guys), almost all Italian food, and sushi (must have Wasabi)
  • Favorite places to eat: Five Guys, MOD pizza, Old Country Buffet
  • Favorite music: Beethoven, Liszt, Chopin, Rachmaninoff, too many composers to list!
  • Favorite TV shows: Unfortunately, I do not have TV service and I do not watch TV! But… when I was younger, my favorite TV series was SpongeBob, hands down. I also liked Jimmy Neutron, but it didn’t come on as often as I would’ve liked it to.
  • Favorite movies: 2001: A Space Odyssey, The City of Ember, 2012, Titanic, Journey to the Center of the Earth
  • Favorite books: 2001: A Space Odyssey (as well as the rest of the series), the Harry Potter Series, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Around the World in Eighty Days, Slaughterhouse Five, and many other classics.
  • Favorite video game? Minecraft, hands down.
  • Favorite board game? Monopoly, and chess. I used to play Chess quite a bit, but not much anymore.
  • Mac or PC? PC User at home, and Mac/PC user at school. I’m ambivalent on this one.
  • Democrat or Republican? Neither, and proud of it!
  • Claim to Fame on the WWW: A series of articles I wrote, highlighting the corruption of Wikipedia Administrators, have hovered in the top Google Search results since they were written (Google search “wikipedia administrators suck”, “i hate wikipedia administrators”, etc.) Unforunately, the ranking dropped when I moved this website.
  • Where I’d like to be in 20 years: Working for Microsoft, Google, or NASA!

4 thoughts on “The Author

  1. I support you too Liu, your the best. I wanna say thank you for creating that blog about the Wikipedia admins being abusive, it really means a lot. I’ve been posting several times on there about my personal issues I had with them and it just makes me happy for posing and expressing my feeling. Also, I’m really sorry that the first part of the blog’s comments got closed here: It must be the extended limited of comments probably, that’s why it got closed. Just to give you a heads up too, an abusive user named Sro23 wants to get all your comments on those blogs turned off because he doesn’t want people talking about Wikipedia at all. But what ever you do, don’t listen to him. Keep them all open so we can keep talk about Wikipedia and our personal issues we been having. Because we can say what ever we want on there, there’s no law that say’s we can’t. I support those blog too, that you created. Anyway’s, keep up the good work Liu! =)

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