Resources and tips for learning the Dvorak layout

About three weeks ago, I started learning the Dvorak Simplified Keyboard layout. Among its benefits are that the layout helps typists type faster while reducing repetitive strain injury as compared to the now-ubiquitous QWERTY layout. The first time I tried the layout, I averaged a torturously slow 8 words per minute, and that was with heavy guessing. Now, I am writing this entire blog post with the layout, and not having to think through every letter.
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It’s the Fourth!

This Independence Day marks the fifth Fourth of July for The Thought Box. Here’s a look back at the other ones:

This year, we went to a friend’s house for a nice barbecue. Afterwards, we went to the lake to watch neighbors compete in an all-out fireworks show-off. The result? Some pretty spectacular fireworks.

Even though only a few hours of this holiday remain, I wish you all a happy Fourth of July! God Bless America!

Learn code the way it’s meant to be learned

You may have heard the saying, “once you learn one programming language, every nth language is 1/2^n times as difficult”. Well, that’s only true if you’re learning from a good source.

There are many places to learn how to code in Programming Language X, from YouTube to Khan Academy, to reading the raw documentation. However, the problem that I’ve found with many of these resources is that they talk (or write) a lot, then show you a few relevant lines of code, and repeat the cycle. For those that learn by example, the talking-about-code part can be extremely distracting.

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Screen protectors 101 — What you need to know

I hate fingerprints on glass. So when it comes to fingerprint-free screens, I am an absolute stickler to what kind to purchase. When I got my new touchscreen laptop, I immediately bought a screen protector for it. No disgusting fingerprints this time!

When it comes to screen protectors, most fall into two categories. The first and most common are plastic film protectors, which I will cover in great detail.
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