Exploring common words between QWERTY and Dvorak

On my laptop, I have two keyboard layouts installed: QWERTY and Dvorak. If I want to switch between them, I simply press Win+Space. But for some reason, Windows likes to switch my keyboard layouts automatically whenever I switch windows or change tabs. It is a bizarre behavior which sometimes results in me typing text kjak pssv; pgvd kjg; (translation: that looks like this). The gibberish results when I try to type in Dvorak and the layout is set to QWERTY.

Last night as usual, Windows switched the keyboard layout on me while I was working on an assignment. But instead of some nonsensical text following, my keystrokes produced an actual word. I wondered if there were any words that, when typed in QWERTY, would result in a valid word in Dvorak.

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China, Day 17: A Sea of Bamboo

In South Sichuan lies one of the largest concentrations of bamboo in the world. The Shunan Bamboo Sea (蜀南竹海) covers 120 square kilometers of land and contains more than 100 tourist destinations within.

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China, Day 11: Jinli Historic Town

Yesterday, Day 10, was the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival. Traditionally, this day is spent with family, so we didn’t go anywhere.

Today, we went to the Jinli Historic Town, a site dating back to the Three Kingdoms Period (220-280). Back then, it was one of the busiest streets and an important center for commerce. The architecture of the site today closely represents that of the original town, but contains a mix of traditional and modern building occupants.

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Locked yourself out with iThemes Security/Better WP Security Auto Away? No problem!

A couple months ago, I got the iThemes Security WordPress plugin and set the auto-away mode from 12:00am to 6:00am. After all, I’m asleep at those times and it would make no sense to keep my admin login and backend open at these times. Or so I thought. There were nights where I would stay up late, and just recently on my trip to China, I was locked out in the middle of the local time of day!

Obviously in this situation, it’s not possible to unlock yourself by going to your WordPress admin, because it’s locked down. You’ll have to dig into your site’s files, via an FTP client or SSH. When you get to the plugin’s files, one line of code will disable the auto-away lockout until you can change the settings.
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