After 2 weeks of relentless and at times savage competition, the Twitter competition between me and my friend, @onekopaka, has ended.

Onekopaka first proposed this competition as we both had the same number of tweets (somewhere around 890). I accepted the battle and there it went.

In the early days of the competition, nothing much happened. We tweeted as usual, and I eventually gained a lead of about 17 tweets. Then Onekopaka started finding more things to tweet about including this strange UnAd-for-Chrome thing and overnight, he grabbed the lead by 20 tweets.

It stayed this way for the rest of this competition, and the competition only grew more savage and relentless. I was putting out tweets whenever I could, and so was onekopaka. Eventually, he reached 999 tweets. My relentless storm of tweets went up even more, but to no avail, onekopaka secured the 1000th tweet, or as we call it, the 1K.

Feeling the sweetness of victory, Onekopaka demanded from me a pizza. I recommended to him a 6lb burger because he’s a food fanatic.

Anyways, the competition is over and I have lost. However, as the loser, I would like to point out that onekopaka had the advantage. He has an iPod Touch and is on the computer more, so he has more access to Twitter in terms of time. I, on the other hand, only have my lousy old Mac Mini, and I’m not a geek whos on my computer 10 hours a day.

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A software engineer by trade and a classical musician at heart. Currently a software engineer at Groupon getting into iOS mobile development. Recently graduated from the University of Washington, with a degree in Computer Science and a minor in Music. Web development has been my passion for many years. I am also greatly interested in UI/UX design, teaching, cooking, biking, and collecting posters.

3 thoughts on “A fierce competition is over

  1. It’s okay Deathgleaner, don’t feel too bad. I did have an advantage. Thanks for competing with me. I rarely get to compete because my favorite kind of competition (eating), I can’t do because people are afraid of me.

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