New Year's at the Space Needle in Seattle, WA.
New Year’s at the Space Needle in Seattle, WA. Photo Credit: David Irons Jr, Flickr.

This year has been fairly quiet for The Thought Box. Looking back, I’ve only posted eight times since Jan 1, 2015.

But 2015 is behind us. Welcome 2016! Let’s hope that a worthy president gets elected and that we’ll spend our leap day doing something meaningful.

Right now, my blog sits at 388 posts published. My goal (and I guess you could call this my resolution), is to get to 400 posts by the time this blog’s seventh birthday rolls around. That’s twelve more posts in 21 weeks. Wish me luck!

And as always, Happy New Year to you and your family. Thank you for reading The Thought Box!

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A software engineer by trade and a classical musician at heart. Currently a software engineer at Groupon getting into iOS mobile development. Recently graduated from the University of Washington, with a degree in Computer Science and a minor in Music. Web development has been my passion for many years. I am also greatly interested in UI/UX design, teaching, cooking, biking, and collecting posters.

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